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Leaving Iowa

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Ashton, IA
Dates: December 14-17
Dinner: 5:30pm
Show: 7:30pm

The Fall Show:
Wholly Matrimony

Wholly Matrimony
Dates: December 14-17
7:30 pm

After years of waiting for a traditional marriage proposal, Caroline's had it. When she takes matters into her own hands and plans a "surprise" wedding at her family's vacation home, side-splitting mayhem is set in motion. This wedding, hardly the dream variety, has all the same trappings as a surprise birthday party: secrets, shrewd planning, and timing gone awry.


Grudgingly participating in the scheme is her practical best friend and maid of honor, Beth. She questions everything from her bridesmaid dress (which she refers to as a fuchsia tortilla) to the jumping out from behind sofas every time a car drives by. Beth's favorite thing to question, however, is marriage itself. Caroline also must contend with her boozy mother Ann, and her favorite uncle, Issy, a cross-dressing host of a wacky children's puppet show. As a result, this bride-to-be has more stress than most. Will her groom even show, and if he does arrive, will he go along with her scheme? 

The Conference

Dinner is Served!

Dinner is served!

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The Cast

Proud to bring members from your community to the big stage!


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